ReEntry University

  Reentry University (RU) was uniquely developed to serve as a comprehensive national network of support services for returning citizens to help their reclamation to society.

 At the onset of incarceration, inmates go through a 13-week intake process. When entering the U.S. Military, enlisted personnel go through a 13-week boot camp. RU has established a similar approach, deploying an 8 to 13-week personalized reclamation plan for each returning citizen, focused on building their heart, mind, body and soul.



Working closely with the Veteran’s Administration and each State’s Department of Community Supervision, RU establishes contact with returning citizens for 90 to 120 days prior to release from military discharge or incarceration. This pre-release engagement begins the evaluation process of each individual circumstances, affording RU the opportunity to build a personalized program to fit their needs. This process paves the way for a more successful reentry transition.