Lt. Quention Curtis

Reentry University
Director Emergency Medical Services and Fire Fighter Training


I was so tired of seeing the carnage in the streets as a result of violent crime… Because we believe that if you can teach someone to save a life, they are less likely to take a life, the Reentry University Career Training Programs for returning citizens are perfectly aligned with our mission to train individuals from within our underserved communities for Emergency Medical Services careers.

Lt. Quention Curtis is a highly regarded Lieutenant, Hazardous Materials Decontamination Specialist, Emergency Medical Technician and Firefighter Training Instructor for the City of Chicago Fire Department who has served for the public good for over 30-years. For three years Lt. Curtis served as Chicago Fire Department Spokesperson, serving
Chicago’s Mayor and Fire Commissioner as Media Affairs Public Information Officer.

Lt. Curtis also serves as:
– Chicago Fire Department, HAZMAT Response Team Officer
– Chicago Fire Academy, Training Officer
– Disaster Relief Products, Safety Specialist
– REACH Institute for Sustainability Education, Training Instructor
– National Registry Emergency Medical Technicians, Board of Directors
– Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access (IDEA), Taskforce
– Black Fire Brigade, Founder

Lt. Curtis is extremely knowledgeable with 32-years of HAZMAT training, 22-years in Special Operation/Special Events, as well as having earned 28-State Certifications and 8-National Certifications. Lt. Curtis has been deployed as a First Responder for disasters such as Hurricane Katrina, 9/11 Twin Towers Firefighter Rescue Team, and more.
I am committed to safety and reducing the loss of lives. The Disaster Relief Products COVID-19 Frontline Solutions Initiative is paramount to that objective.

Lt. Curtis is highly decorated with many honors and meritorious awards including:
• Outstanding Performance in Automotive Extrication
• Extreme Act of Bravery
• Outstanding & Sustained Action
• Selfless Commitment; Dedication and Commitment
• Outstanding Performance in Water Rescue
• Men of Excellence Award
• Stop The Violence Community Outreach and more…

I enjoy challenges and am committed to education and look forward to continued growth and the deployment of advanced technology through REACH Innovation Centers to save lives.

Lt. Quention Curtius named Red Cross

2021 Firefighter Hero

Caution:  The following Photos/videos contain training scenarios that include scenes that may be disturbingly realistic