SAS (Success Above Survival) TV programming is uniquely designed to capture and broadcast the recorded stories of returning citizens who have successfully reentered into society. Their inspirational stories are used as motivational tools for other returning citizens to spur hope and encourage a belief in their own abilities. Through a Success Above Survival mindset, each SAS TV program segment focuses on the first-person accounting of the triumphant story of a returning citizen who despite the many challenges overcame their obstacles to achieve a successful outcome in life mobilization and balance, work, relationships, business, community and more.

ReEntry University (RU), America’s national network of support services for Returning Citizens, invites you to share your story. RU understands that the challenges and occurrences that result from incarceration differ from person to person, as well as by everyone’s unique set of circumstances. This also holds true as it relates to your stories of triumphant success.  We are deeply committed to supporting returning citizens while learning more about their Stories, Struggles and Strength. You are not alone! Sharing your remarkable story, can not only help you to relive the burden you carry, but can also serve as an incredible inspiration to others. We are here with you, and are ready to listen, as you share your unique experience.

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God Has Kept Me – The Wardlaw Brothers

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